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Wantage Beer Festival 2017

Wantage Beer Festival 2017



















We are delighted to announce that the 7th Wantage Beer Festival will take place from 11AM until 11PM on Friday the 17th and Saturday the 18th of March 2017, at the Beacon. As always we intend to provide 28 cask ales representing the best of those produced both locally and from afar, including a number of Festival Specials. In addition, we will offer four or so local ciders and perrys. Food and soft drinks will be served, and parking is available at the venue. Six-nations rugby will be shown on the Saturday.

Admission prices (under 21s need ID):

Friday 11am-5pm: CAMRA members Free, non-members £2.

Friday 5pm-11pm: CAMRA members Free, non-members £3.

Saturday 11am-11pm: CAMRA members Free, non-members £2.

Glass hire: £2, festival glasses available.


Final beer list

Brewery Name of Beer ABV   Style
Adkin Alfred’s Irish Pale Ale   4.6 Pale Ale
Alfred’s Saxon Bronze 3.8 Pale Ale
Barn Owl AD849 4.2 Amber Bitter
Bellingers Gallipoli 5.3 Stout
Binghams Vanilla Stout 5.0 Stout
Bond Brews Scrum Five 4.0 Best Bitter
Butts M ALE ERS 4.8 Old Ale
Church Hanbrewery   Bluenette 5.5 Honey & Oatmeal Porter
Corinium Ale Caesar 5.0 IPA
Durham Natural Blonde 4.4 Blonde
Elusive Shadow of the Beast 5.0 Black IPA
Hop Kettle Emigrate 4.5 Golden Ale
Indigenous Billy No Mates 4.2 Pale Ale
Innformal Sanfrinncisco 5.9 IPA
Little Ox Double Wipe Out 4.2 Pale Ale
Loddon Six Pack 4.2 Best Bitter
Loose Cannon   Basilisk 4.4 Best Bitter
LoveBeer Hair Of The Dog 5.1 Ginger
Old Forge Auxiliary Ale 4.5 Best Bitter
Out There Laika 4.8 Wheat Beer
Tiny Rebel Cwtch 4.5 Welsh Red Ale
Twickenham Naked Ladies 4.4 Golden Ale
Vibrant Forest Outlander 4.0 Rye Ale
VIP Village Gossip 3.3 Blonde Beer
Weighbridge Rucking Good Ale 4.5 Wheat Beer
Wild Weather Wild Boys 5.5 Texas Brown Ale
Wylam Galatia 3.9 Session Ale


Final cider and perry list

Producer Name ABV   Style
Springfield Cider Monmouthshire Wobbly Munk 7.5 medium, CCOB 2013
Circle Cider, Swindon Roundabout 6.0 Medium
Charlton Cider Collective, Wantage   Lost Afternoons   6.5 LoCider
Ross-on-Wye Cider and Perry Co.   Farm House Perry   6.0 Dry


Beers, ciders and perrys on the day will be available at the discretion of the bar manager.

Follow us on Twitter @WHBeerFest.

Helpers at the Wantage Beer Festival, March 2017